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lovedose: Your Solution - Star Stable Game Launch Trouble Post - November Upgrade Nov 29, 2023 21:55:58 GMT 10
aliciadogbur: I have not been able to play since mid october as the picture won't load. Have tried everything SSO support has offered, everything from the list posted above. Literally everything. Two Lifetime star riders and can't play!! Dec 1, 2023 3:59:12 GMT 10
flyingchipmunk: I can't play SSO since mid october! Game sound in the background but all i see is a Black screen. I have been texting with the SSO Support and did EVERYTHING they told me to but NOTHING works. Dec 2, 2023 20:52:04 GMT 10
Ellie Westball: Hi Rebecca! Dec 2, 2023 21:12:05 GMT 10
Rebecca McBlanket: Hello Ellie! How are you? Dec 3, 2023 20:31:15 GMT 10
Fennec☆: Hi guys Dec 8, 2023 2:55:47 GMT 10
alice001: If you are anything like me, unless you're prepared to get a new operating system, that will meet their current requirements, then you will be out of the game.That's what I've been told after the second Halloween update, they obviously made code changes. Dec 14, 2023 9:38:49 GMT 10
alice001: So much for loyalty to life time Star Riders who've been there since the beginning! Dec 14, 2023 9:40:48 GMT 10
savannahsmoothhower: hii Dec 22, 2023 6:46:24 GMT 10
savannahsmoothhower: anybody from denmark? Dec 22, 2023 6:46:54 GMT 10
charlotte213: Can join the game Dec 27, 2023 21:47:31 GMT 10
Ellie Westball: I’m good, sorry for replying so late. (Rebecca) Dec 30, 2023 0:02:30 GMT 10
jwalsh789: Hi! I havent played in AWHILE and I am stuck on the Fort MAria quest when I chase the magic creature and start turning the chandelier nothing is happening! Please help! I have already logged out to quit and try again! Jan 10, 2024 3:22:23 GMT 10
aranea: Hey guys, is anyone having problems like when logging in, after "loading" the games only shows a grey/brown screem? Like i can move, because i hear the sound when i start walking, but I cant see nothing at all.. Feb 1, 2024 0:45:35 GMT 10
pinkmore: hi! Feb 3, 2024 20:37:31 GMT 10
hannahmistwavee: Hi Feb 6, 2024 23:12:35 GMT 10
christyemma26: Hi I am also stuck Feb 8, 2024 22:10:34 GMT 10
dadof2daughters: Hello, my 2 daughters are star riders and are stuck building bridges. Every time the game crashes. Error is > network error, the connection to the game server was interrupted < then the game crashes completely every time. Regardless of whether it is nails, Feb 11, 2024 4:20:52 GMT 10
dadof2daughters: impregnated boards or concrete. I tried all of this on 3 different PCs, always the same Feb 11, 2024 4:21:28 GMT 10
klopsiuchna: hi! ive got the same problem, i texted to support but they didnt respond, i dont know if this a bug or something with my internet or pc. could someone help? Feb 13, 2024 9:45:36 GMT 10
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